The Big Brew Ha

We were fortunate enough to receive an invitation from Charlotte Magazine to attend The Big Brew Ha at The Mint Museum in Uptown Charlotte. The Big Brew Ha was an evening celebration of all things brewed served with breakfast – beer, coffees, teas, food, brew pong, and live music. Proceeds benefited the preservation of the oldest building on Tryon Street, St. Peter’s Catholic Church.

Melanie Rowe Catering's Tomato Tart, Cheddar Scones with Ham, and Chicken & Waffles

Delicious catering was on-hand from Melanie Rowe Catering, DEAN & DELUCA, Harvest Moon Grille and Amelie’s French Bakery. Our favorite by far was The Flying Biscuit Cafe, serving up their yummy, creamy grits so good that even the Northerners raved about them! Counter Culture coffee and FeliciTEA served hot, brewed beverages, and complimentary beers on tap included Shocktop and Stella, among others. As I listened to the band play The Beatles, I thought, “How could this possibly get any cooler?”

Intro the Brew Pong Tournament, their secret weapon.

Although we are novices to ‘pong’ of any sort, we gave it a shot. Yelp! gave us some nifty finger-less gloves to wear during the tournament, but unfortunately they didn’t compensate for our lack of skills. Kind of like buying a pair of Jordan’s and expecting something magical to happen when you’re on the court shooting air-balls. Our first match was played against two guys who at first, we bragged to about how we had just schooled them – seeing as how we sunk three of our shots and they had zilch. But we quickly ate our words when they came back from behind. The view from the balcony of the fifth floor overlooked a beautiful Charlotte skyline, adding the gorgeous backdrop to our fun-filled evening.


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