Toy Camera Photography

Retro or “Toy” camera photography is prominent now more than ever.

HOW Magazine recently wrote an article about it, and practically anyone has an app on their smart phone that can replicate the look. What are toy cameras? These inexpensive, plastic cameras originate from China, will run you around $30 bucks and require 120 film. They seem to have an almost cult following among niche photographers. Lomography is the mecca of toy camera websites.

I have a Holga camera (pictured above) – complete with electrical tape around the body to prevent light leaks from exposing the film. Other distortions that occur with the camera are vignettes and blur. A few of the accessories I have are fish-eye lens, color and prism filters, and 35mm film mod. Check out Lomography for other cameras…the quad cam and action sampler are two of my favs.

Here are several photos I’ve taken with my Holga. Toy cameras can be unreliable and have limitations, so I wouldn’t recommend shooting your once in a lifetime vacation to Europe with one, but they are fun for those of us who like something unexpected and surprising.

Lake Lure, where "Dirty Dancing" was filmed

canoeing on Lake Lure

my dog Sophie


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