Logo Design Project

James Seals & Stripes, Inc. approached me to re-design their logo. Since the current logo was created in the 80’s, it was time for a makeover. I approached the project like I would any other – pen & paper first. I think it’s a bad idea to go straight to the computer when conceptualizing.

sketches during the concept phase

Being familiar with the business (since it’s been in my family for 23 years), I knew it would be appropriate to incorporate an icon that you would find on a parking lot -arrows, asphalt, yellow paint – all of these triggers came to mind.

final logos with color variation options

I designed two logos and showcased them in color, B&W and a business card. I feel like it’s best to show several usages, because I want to make sure the client is aware of what their logo is going to look like when it’s printed in the newspaper versus a business card or decal on the side of a vehicle. I recommended the logo with the dominant J. I felt like the J could symbolize not only the dominant letter (since James is the family name), but could incorporate the line that a striping machine paints on a parking lot, gradually turning into a dotted-line towards the stem of the letter. I feel like the J alone is a strong enough identifier in most cases…think the NIKE swoosh, no words, just an icon. In today’s fast-paced environment, the simpler and to the point, the better.

Also I included promotional concepts such as t-shirts, keychains and ball caps. This again gives the client a visual as to how their logo will look on different mediums.

promotional items showcasing the logos


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