Laundry Labels

IKEA has a lot of nifty decorating items. We picked up this laundry hamper* and when I noticed the square, plastic sleeves affixed to the front, I knew I’d get to design laundry labels.

Without them, the hamper looks too plain. Or as the French would say, it needs a certain “je ne sais quoi.” Or as I would say, “As a designer, I can’t have this plain hamper in my house.”  What would the neighbors think?

This was a simple design project. I think what took the longest was photographing the hamper without catching a glare from the plastic sleeves. First I placed filigree patterns along the top and bottom of the labels. Then I found a font from The League of Moveable Type called League Script #1 and used it to create the names for each bin.

Sophie, my photography assistant

*Note: IKEA doesn’t actually call this a laundry hamper, they call it a recycling sorter. With names like KLUUBE and NAIKKE, do you even really know what you’re buying, anyway? Maybe that coffee table has actually been a cat jungle-gym all these years. I hope I haven’t offended anyone by using the laundry hamper as such. Besides, there are worse forms of trickery out there. Like those t-shirts that look like tuxedos.


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