Paper Skyscraper

While at Paper Skyscraper yesterday, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  If you haven’t been, this local Charlotte gift shop carries everything from Archipelago Botanicals candles, to quirky Knock Knock products, to kitschy coasters (in particular toasters, toast-esque coasters.)

They offered so many books, I started making a list of ones I wanted to check-out at my library. I’m a library-holic, by the way. If I check a book out and can’t live without it, I’ll buy a copy on Half. Here’s my reading list, based on what I spotted at Paper Skyscraper.

Whose Hair?

The Intellectual Devotional

Understand Rap

Ignore Everybody & 39 Other Keys To Creativity

Everything That Can Happen In A Day

Dharma Road


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