Indie Craftiness

It’s officially fall when the Indie Craft Parade rolls into town. My annual tradition is to drive-thru Starbucks on the way to Greenville and get a pumpkin spice latte…once you taste pumpkin, summer bites the dust!

Greenville is on the top of my “coolest cities” list. Six years ago, when I first met my fiance, it was one of those conversations that went something like, “Leigh have you been to Greenville?” “Um, yeah…there’s like nothing there except ECU.” “UM, Greenville, South Carolina.”  For those of you that have been (or will ever be) in a relationship with someone from the other Carolina, there will inevitably come a time when mass confusion ensues when misinterpreting one Carolina for the other. College sports teams being a prime example.

Nevertheless I fell in love with Greenville, S.C. many years ago whether we were catching a show at The Handlebar, grabbing  joe at Coffee Underground, or hitting up Half Moon Outfitters. Since then, I’ve kept the city on my radar for any excuse to visit. The Indie Craft Parade is a great excuse!

Indie Craft Parade is a public market that brings together many of the best artists and their handmade goods from across the Southeast. You’ll enjoy quality crafts, local food, and the opportunity to make friends and connections with the artists themselves. It’s pretty awesome.

view inside Huguenot Mill, where the event takes place

coozies from So She Sews

buttons made by Another Sassy! Product

bought the red necklace on the left from Lily Pottery

Falls Park is also in the city, complete with a waterfall and The Liberty Bridge. I could spend hours in the park shooting photos. I recommend bringing a picnic to enjoy while you relax. Or if you prefer to dine out, Smoke On The Water, Trio, and Handi Indian are all excellent.

mini-photoshoot sesh in Falls Park with my brother and his girlfriend

cascades in Falls Park on the Reedy River

The Liberty Bridge


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